Reproductive Specialist

Hernan Montilla DVM is a diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists, as well as a member of the Society for Theriogenology. He brings his extensive knowledge of animal reproduction to serve all of Florida, and beyond.

Dr. Montilla’s mission is to promote animal well-being, responsible breeding practices, reproductive and genetic health improvements, and to educate clients in forms of population control measures that decrease adverse effects on the health and longevity of the patient.

Breeding Contracts are available, and include services and resources to help the responsible breeder achieve a successful, healthy breeding and positive outcome. Please call for details.

In-house progesterone testing and semen evaluation with highly specialized, accurate equipment.

We are a certified Zoetis Canine Semen Freeze Center, one of few in the state of Florida

Society for Theriogenology

American College of Theriogenology